about redsprings

The redsprings blog is created by Sharon Clews.

I’m a lover of literary fiction and non-fiction. I will also read trash sparingly. I’m a passionate amateur photographer and guitarist amongst other things. When I’m not doing these things, occasionally I work in HR, Change and Business Management and Social Media.

Happy to make contact with anyone constructive about any of my interests – sharon.clews@redsprings.co.uk.

All photography used on this site is my own work, unless credited otherwise.


7 thoughts on “about redsprings

  1. Sharon

    Love your blog and will continue to follow. I like the candid way we can really get it out there when we share like this. YOU keep sharing and I will keep reading.

    Oh and I think the move to London is choice.



    1. Hello David,
      Thank you for your lovely comments! I am about to post again this week…stay tuned! I absolutely agree with the sharing, we don’t all have to agree but if it helps some, then that makes me smils!

      Missing the heat (although not the 40 degree numbers!) but you are right, lovely place to be right now!!

      Kind regards


    1. Ha – thanks Keith!
      It was a great article, and I hadn’t seen it until now thank you! Social Media is my thing, and it is interesting to see who is listening and who isn’t. I am less than impressed with that level of service…maybe I should go and have a SERIOUS chat with them! 🙂 Thanks for sharing the article, it makes some valid points. I just wonder if the loop is closed sometimes – ie, the service improves all round, not just on twitter!!

      Kind regards


  2. Hi Sharon,

    Very interesting and thought provoking site.

    I am just ‘getting into’ all the different social networking tools and how they may help my business.

    Peter Senge talks a lot about ‘honest conversations’ and whether organisations allow Facebook (and others) or not will not stop real conversations going on.

    How we can bring ‘coffee/loo/smoking’ break conversations into the meeting room has always fascinated me……this latest social evolution just may be able to help.


    1. Hi Tony,

      Thanks for the comments. It won’t take you long to get those break conversations getting into the meeting room once you start! I do think it takes a combination of the tools and having a safe environment for everyone to feel comfortable to do so. Soem won’t of course and that is fine, as long as they don’t tell everyone else BUT you!! Good luck with it, I will be keen to get some updates from you on how the journey is going!!



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